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School holidays are over, autumn has well and truly set in and I am amongst preparing our home for the arrival of my mum, who’s coming to stay for 2 weeks. 

My mum is great as she helps me out where I need it most and that is with cleaning, cooking and having a break from the kids. We see each other once a year, sometimes twice if we can, therefore I don’t want her spending all her time with us in the kitchen or cleaning. I love all the help but decided on this visit she needs to relax and spend as much time with the kids and me as possible.

This brings me to cleaning. I am talking about deep cleaning. The cleaning you do in spring, where you strip back each room, get the carpets cleaned, wipe down walls and wash windows and tracks. As a busy mum, I find it can be overwhelming to keep up with household chores while taking care of two school children and an inquisitive toddler. However, having a cleaning routine in place can make all the difference in creating a calm and organised home environment.

As I struggle with what to do, I find a list broken into daily, weekly and monthly tasks is a great place to start and what better place to get some inspiration than the Clean Tok hashtag on TikTok? I watch these women and men fastidiously clean, which puts my cleaning to shame. Whilst watching these videos, I came across a community of Orthodox Jewish women who share their cleaning routines. If you want to watch exceptionally thorough cleaning videos, look up this community. From here I researched and found multiple different cleaning lists, but by far the best one is through Orthodox Jewish Cleaning Guide The Kosher Housekeeper written by By Rabbi Chaim Fogelman & Dina Fraenkel. The first 42 pages tell you about their religion and culture. From pages 52-86, you get the best checklists for looking after your home. I printed out a copy and am implementing it into my life as a guide for my daily, weekly, monthly, twice yearly and spring cleaning. I’m still going to have a monthly cleaner pop in to give me a break from the general cleaning, but this guide will surely help me feel on top of everything else. 

Another way you can create your own checklist is by going onto Canva and finding a free template to adapt and create your own personalised cleaning list. I’ve taken one from Canva and popped it below for weekly cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

I hope you find it as interesting and as useful as I am and if you know of any other wonderful cleaning lists or guides, reach out!

Sarnia x










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