Daily Routine Week Day Edition

How do I fit everything I want to achieve in one day? It’s simple; I have a plan and a schedule on my phone that tells me what I’m doing on any given day.

The tasks I want to achieve each week are:
3x walks or physical activity
Blogging a minimum of once per week
Drawing twice per week
Business planning
We have a whole house with all the children every second week. Before the children arrive, I need to have the groceries done, the car is full of fuel, the alarm clock on my phone changed, and the schedule of fitting in my tasks adapted.

I have written down my typical week with a whole house to give you an idea of what that looks like.

When my stepson is here, I spend, on average, four hours a day in the car; on top of this, my daughter has hockey practise at 0645 twice per week, which can mean I’m spending five hours in one day in our vehicle. If you’re wondering, this has us going through 1/3 of a gas tank. Usually, my daughter gets picked up by school bus, which minimises my driving. In the mornings, when we have hockey, we are out of bed at 0540 and in the car by 0600. Miss A stays in bed till I’m almost home from the hockey school run, and then it’s time to make my partner a coffee, me one in a travel cup, get Miss A breakfast, get nappy changed and dressed and then it is out the door to drop off Master J who attends school an hour away from our home.
Miss A is over the long rides to school and often voices her dislike on the return journey. We manage with songs, books, cuddly toys and catch-up phone calls with family, but by no means is up to four hours a day in the car a fun experience for a one-year-old. Sometimes I break up this ride with a quick play in a park on the way home or a city walk. See how I snuck one of my weekly goals in there? Generally, though, I walk in the evening when it’s a touch cooler.
I usually get home from all the running around at 0930-0940. Then it’s in the door for Miss A’s nap or snack, play and nap. During this time, I need breakfast, take a shower, and have some time to get a load of washing on, write my blog or make my partner a coffee. Once Miss A wakes from her nap, it’s time for lunch; if it’s a Wednesday, we have playgroup in the afternoon, a few more chores, and at 1400 I’m out the door to pick up Master J. We are home by 1550 in time to collect Miss I from the bus stop then it’s straight through the door where the relentless request for afternoon tea is fulfilled. After tummies are satisfied, it’s on to dinner, homework, washing, showers, school lunches and cleaning the kitchen. Finally, we get to bedtime, which ranges from 19:30-21:00, where I’m like, thank the Lord because I need some time to relax. My partner and I take some time in our hectic day to have a cup of coffee or tea or catch up on the day’s events. The benefit of him working from home is that we fit this time in at least twice daily.
Finally, it’s my time! If no one is dragging the bedtime routine, I fit in drawing tutorials, walking, blogging and business brainstorming. Some days I need a night off and will blob out on the sofa to watch a movie.
I miss working outside the home, going to work, catching up with colleagues and engaging my brain in activities outside our home life and kids’ routines. However, I know they are small for so long, and having this time with them is much more critical.
Both Mum that works and Mum that stay at home have their work cut out for them. Finding a job that fits our fortnightly schedule would be too tricky in our home life, and honestly, it would not benefit us financially. That’s why I would love to have my own business to work on from home.
Where do I fit the bulk of that in? That all happens in my almost child-free week.
Weekends, of course, entail a different schedule again. Depending on school sports, it may be hockey on a Saturday, a birthday party or any other social event, much-needed Mum time where I catch up with friends or fit in a nail, hair or massage appointment (this is rare) but will include it.
Scheduling life can seem mundane, achieving goals can seem relentless, and raising kids is exhausting, but at the end of the day, my dreams would only come to fruition with the scheduling.

Keep on trooping; you will succeed.

Sarnia x

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