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How Mindfulness Can Help You Overcome Your Inner Critic

Joseline Carballo is a growth mindset and mindfulness coach with a passion for self-improvement. She has dedicated years to researching and exploring the depths of positive psychology, bringing a unique perspective to mindfulness and helping women overcome their inner critics. Through her insightful and informative content, Joseline strives to empower women, inviting them on a journey of discovery to live a life with greater clarity and purpose. So let’s get into the ‘why’ and what has driven Joseline into helping women overcome these setbacks.

During my late teens, I began to recognise the profound influence of my thoughts on creating belief systems. These belief systems significantly impacted my day-to-day actions and interactions. However, these realisations didn’t come quickly. It was through the practice of meditation that I discovered an inner voice—an inexplicable source of wisdom. At the time, I couldn’t fathom its origin, but the ensuing peace I experienced after each session remains vivid in my memory. Meditation became an integral part of my life—a survival kit, if you will. Unexpectedly, at thirteen, two years prior, I suffered the loss of the most precious male role model in my life—my father. His sudden passing, resulting from a medical procedure gone wrong, is etched in my memory with great clarity. From the routine school drop-off to the heartbreaking moment when I arrived home and heard the news from my mother, every detail remains vividly in my mind.

My father and I shared a wonderful bond that I hold dear to my heart. Little did I know that this life-altering event would pave the way for my future self. Navigating my teenage years while grieving my father’s loss proved to be quite the journey. Thankfully, my mother stood as my rock and guided me through this difficult time with her healing meditation practice. Gradually, I started noticing subtle shifts within myself—I experienced an increased sense of peace, calmness, and a heightened awareness of how my thoughts shape my reality.

Fast forward to today, after incorporating meditation and mindfulness techniques into my life, attending retreats, and pursuing studies in Positive Psychology, Meditation & Trauma. I can honestly say that it has radically transformed my life experience for the better.

This work, whether referred to as personal development, mindfulness, or growth mindset, offers profound insights into our true selves. But how you may ask? Allow me to explain. This transformative work serves as a potent tool for unravelling the layers of societal programming we have absorbed since birth. These ancient techniques reveal that our self-talk and inner critic are nothing more than stories stuck on repeat—stories we consciously or unconsciously chose to accept as truth. Many of these narratives originate from our subjective experiences during childhood. Through mindfulness, we cultivate the ability to become observers, akin to watching a movie in a cinema. However, this time, the movie is our unique life story, devoid of judgment. Judgment, a core mindfulness component that I teach, has the potential to distort our reality, hindering us from perceiving things as they truly are—the unadulterated truth.

So, picture this: I have had many clients whose inner self-critic story takes root from an early age when they received more criticism than encouragement. Other clients continue to attract partners and friendships that fail to reciprocate the love and care they deserve due to subjective experiences where they felt unloved, leading them to believe this narrative. These stories subtly play in the depths of our subconscious, indirectly shaping our reality and influencing our experiences throughout adulthood. Countless studies and research continue to demonstrate how the subconscious mind governs our emotions, thoughts, reactions, and beliefs regarding our ability to achieve our goals.

Understanding that mindfulness serves as a catalyst for change and enables us to reprogram the stories that hold us back underscores the importance of this work. It forms the core purpose of my coaching practice, Joseline Coaching, driving me to continue on this path to teach these powerful tools.

So, if there are three practical habits you could start today to embrace a healthier and happier version of yourself, both mentally and physically, consider these:

Create a daily 10-minute mindfulness routine dedicated to yourself. Whether through meditation, a body scan, breathwork, or journaling, choose the practice that resonates with you the most. Allocate 10 minutes each day to be an observer of your thoughts or engage in a body scan to become aware of tension within your body. This practice allows you to tune into your body, mind, and emotions without judgment. By cultivating non-judgment, you foster self-compassion and gain a deeper understanding of narratives that no longer serve your well-being and hold you back.

Practice self-compassion when confronted with negative thoughts and emotions. Self-compassion is the practice of treating yourself with kindness, care, and understanding, all without passing judgment. When you identify negative self-talk or the inner critic’s voice, allow these thoughts and emotions to arise, ensuring you don’t suppress what your body yearns to express. Once they surface, begin to respond with self-compassion, as if comforting a child who shares these exact emotions and feelings.

Cultivate a self-care practice or ritual that brings you joy. Self-care stands as one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate self-love. It can encompass anything from indulging in a relaxing bubble bath to going for a walk to setting healthy boundaries with others.

Remember, the most important relationship you will ever cultivate is the one you have with yourself. It underpins much of what you attract into your reality. As Dr Wayne Dyer eloquently said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

If you feel you could benefit from Joseline’s Coaching to overcome obstacles in your life then you can reach her through her website or her Instagram for further advice.




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