New Year, Same You, Different Outcome

The New Year often brings a newfound desire to change old habits, restore forgotten hobbies, an urge to lose the Christmas kilos, a healthier approach to food, an improvement in relationships and a deep look into who we are as people.
It’s great to have a positive mindset towards improvement; however, I often lose motivation come March; I find it challenging to stay focused and fall back into bad habits. I let negative thoughts take over and then wonder why I’ve failed. The following year comes, and I find myself writing similar resolutions, going full circle. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should follow my journey this 2023 to see me successfully make it through my resolutions. Once my year is complete, you will have the plan to unlock your achievements as you follow my steps to success.
I’ve had a few meltdowns in 2022, my mental health has not quite coped entirely with Stay At Home Mum life and relying solely on my partner financially, my body has changed, so my physical appearance is not as it once was, and I find that at times I’m overstimulated and achieving nothing, or on a whirlwind frenzy and doing too many jobs at once which results in a counter-productive outcome. My overall mood becomes negative, defeated and unproductive as I succumb to defeat. Being a person who heavily relies on routine and predictability means it is hard to accept change. Therefore to change all these things, I thought, well, let’s start by looking deep into who I am. It sounds very selfish, but it’s the beginning of finding your flaws or unique differences that hold you back from achieving your full potential. In this week’s blog, we address them and get to the root of the problem. Accountability is essential when it comes to growth. How can we improve our outcomes if we are not accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions? We are not perfect, we make mistakes, and we have bad days, but having repetitive moments of negative thinking and decreased productivity is not healthy. This year I found myself having many more of these moments and found I would take my disappointment out on my partner or bottle up my thoughts, resulting in some weird episode of feeling overwhelmed and teary.

Step 1. Address why you believe you are stuck in a negative thought cycle. This may be hard as we do not like being too critical of ourselves.

Step 2. If you cannot address it alone, perhaps go and visit your GP and discuss your thoughts. Your GP will refer you to a psychologist as you may need to talk to someone to help you find out where your life is and your root cause for feeling this way.

Step 3. Create a plan to improve your overall well-being. I believe it is a mental and spiritual journey. You can include talking to a therapist, getting closer to God, meditating, exercising or taking time out for personal relaxation.

Self-love, self-help and self-improvement are all under one umbrella, and they should be at the top of your list when it comes to your 2023 resolutions. If you have mastered the art of this, then congratulations.

How have I set myself up for success in 2023?

By educating my mind through audiobooks and reading. If you follow my blog, I highly recommend reading Atomic Habits. Booking an appointment with the psychologist because even if it’s your first time and you don’t think you need to go, it is still great to get some perspective from an outsider. I am writing down my goals and creating a plan. Journaling my plan through my blog to keep me accountable and on track is required to help me achieve my goals. Everyone is different, and I have no issue documenting this journey publicly because I’m an oversharer. On the other hand, you may want to have a friend, family member, or colleague hold you accountable if you do not think you can stick to journalling your weeks alone.

What are my goals for 2023

  1. Working on my drawing once a week (my partner bought me an Ipad for Christmas, so now I have no excuses)
  2. Writing weekly blog posts with a minimum of one blog post per week
  3. Exercising to improve my overall well-being and fitness three times per week
  4. Starting a business that generates a modest income.

I have given myself four goals; now, I need to structure a plan on how I will achieve them, and this is the vital step in assuring I continue my journey to completing my 2023 resolutions.

Firstly I will break my free time during the week into a timetable where I can schedule the allotted time for each goal. You can purchase a planner to help plan your monthly days. At the end of every day, you can write down what you did or have not yet achieved in a journal. The Done app, available on the App store or Google store, reminds you of when you are due to do a job or activity; once it is completed, you check it off. I will use this app to keep me on track with cleaning tasks and scheduling time for my weekly goals. Multiple visual reminders are fantastic at keeping us goal orientated.

You can have as many goals as possible; there is no rule. Remember that starting with smaller goals may be a way to dissolve that overwhelming feeling. If you want to set yourself up for success, starting small is always an excellent way to begin.

Well, here we go; why wait for the New Year? You can apply this journey to whatever season or month we are in. It’s a beginning and a plan for goal setting and success.

I hope you enjoy my journey; indeed, it will be fun!



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