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Relax And Recover, Your Recovery Specialists

Have you ever struggled to find all the necessities required to aid in your recovery after giving birth or undergoing surgery? I can certainly relate to that struggle! If only I had been aware of the essential items needed for postpartum or after surgical procedures, especially when dealing with sutures down there (ouch), I would have been much better prepared as a first-time mum. Fortunately, we no longer need to worry about hunting down each of these necessary items on our own, thanks to Jenny Third, the Director of Relax and Recover. She has taken the stress and hard work out of searching for these products. Honestly, Jenny, where were you ten years ago when I needed you?

Jenny’s business, Relax and Recover, offers care packs for nearly every situation. Whether it’s a post-birth pack, Endo recovery pack, Rhinoplasty pack, or the Stella Pack designed for individuals who have undergone Gastric Sleeve, Hysterectomy, or Explant Surgeries, she has thought of it all!

But how did this business idea evolve into a full-time venture?

It all began with Jenny’s own stressful and challenging experience preparing for her surgery in October 2018. Jenny had scheduled breast augmentation, lift, and fat grafting surgeries and had chosen to travel from the Gold Coast to Sydney to see one of Australia’s top plastic surgeons for her procedures. She was provided with a list of items necessary for her recovery after surgery and had to have someone with her for the one-week post-operation stay. However, navigating an unfamiliar city while trying to locate these items proved to be quite challenging. Jenny’s mother accompanied her to Sydney to assist with the recovery process, but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Jenny’s mother fell ill a few days before the surgery. This made finding the required recovery items even more complicated. It was at this moment that the concept of Relax and Recover came to Jenny’s mind. She pondered, “What if all these necessary items could be conveniently bundled into a single pack for purchase?” Such a solution would alleviate the stress of locating these items and greatly simplify the process for others facing similar circumstances.

A few months later, after Jenny had recuperated from her surgery, she decided to address her chronic stomach pain, which turned out to be endometriosis. An ultrasound confirmed that she had PCOS, and this prompted the need for a laparoscopy to search for endometriosis. This was when the Endo Recovery Pack was born. These experiences led to additional ideas that integrated into the business, including the patient assistance services now offered by Relax and Recover. This service involves a registered nurse aiding patients upon discharge from the hospital, particularly in situations where they may lack someone to rely on for transportation or support due to unforeseen circumstances, much like Jenny nearly experienced herself. Jenny noted that this service has gained popularity, especially among those who, like her, travel interstate for their surgeries.

Drawing from her own life experiences with surgeries and chronic pain, Jenny has used her knowledge to curate the best products on the market to facilitate your recovery journey. In addition to her personal experience, she remains attuned to the evolving needs of her clients by actively engaging with her 14,000 followers on Instagram, seeking the most current market insights and continuously striving to enhance her client recovery packs.

Jenny has meticulously curated each item within the recovery packs, taking into account the specific nuances of recovery associated with various procedures. She delves into the significant differences that each situation entails, ensuring that her clients receive the utmost care and convenience.

Relax and Recovers standout components in their recovery packs undoubtedly are the ice and heat packs, designed with a triple-action feature. These packs offer versatility as you can freeze them for therapeutic cooling, chill them in the fridge for a refreshing feeling, or microwave them to provide comforting warmth. Their multifaceted functionality caters to a range of therapeutic needs. For postpartum recovery, in particular, this triple action proves invaluable. You can use them to facilitate milk let-down when heated or to alleviate soreness and swelling when frozen. This eliminates the need to purchase separate items for different pain points. Additionally, each pack includes four of these packs, allowing for a seamless rotation—two can be kept in the freezer while the other two are in use. Furthermore, soft, washable covers are provided to ensure that they do not come into direct contact with your skin or your baby’s.

Another key item within the packs is the bed bath wipes, which can be conveniently heated in the microwave. This feature is especially beneficial during the winter months when access to a shower after surgery may be limited. These warm wipes offer additional relief and comfort to patients.

People hail the neck pillows as heroes because they provide important neck support during rest. A good deal of people may not realise the importance of neck support during rest, whether recovering in a hospital bed or at home. These pillows also prove invaluable during late-night breastfeeding, preventing neck strain and discomfort.

For those who require a customised approach, Jenny offers fully customisable packs to address unique needs. In terms of when to order your pack, Jenny recommends ordering your recovery pack two weeks before your scheduled surgery or due date for delivery. However, fret not if you’ve just discovered Jenny’s business; she offers overnight express shipping for those of you who find yourselves in urgent need of Relax and Recovery packs.

Jenny’s meticulous attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to addressing the diverse needs of her clients truly distinguish Relax and Recover. She takes an extra step by actively educating her community of followers and clients on the significance of the items included in our recovery packs, with the endorsement of surgeons and doctors.

“Our primary means of education revolves around our social media platforms and email blogs. We make a conscious effort to incorporate informative posts about our products, how they can benefit individuals, and emphasise the importance of proper recovery practices. Collaborating with esteemed surgeons and doctors, we utilise their expertise to further educate our audience and customers. This not only demonstrates accountability but also bolsters our credibility by providing information from reliable sources. In today’s landscape, educational content holds exceptional importance, particularly given recent developments in the cosmetic industry, including the regulatory changes implemented by APHRA. These new guidelines necessitate a stronger emphasis on educational outreach for patients. Even when we don’t directly promote our products and packs in our posts, we’ve noticed a remarkable reception for our educational content. Many individuals who may not have previously encountered proper recovery techniques and recommendations find our content both educational and enlightening.”

Looking ahead, Jenny plans to expand the business, making Relax and Recover branded care packs available in-store, whether it’s at your local chemist or health store. Enhancing accessibility for Relax and Recover products is certainly a priority! In the meantime, if you are preparing for childbirth or have any upcoming surgeries, rest assured that Jenny has your recovery needs covered. Should you have any specific questions or requirements, please feel free to reach out to her via Instagram or her website.




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