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Showing Up As The Woman You Want To Be With Emily Osberger

In a world filled with talented makeup artists, Emily Osberger stands out as a unique and ambitious individual. Beyond her fresh-faced appearance lies a determined entrepreneur, wife to Joe, loving mum to Victor, and a devoted puppy mum to Gigi. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Emily to learn more about her main ambition in launching Pure Nava and her plans for the future. As our conversation unfolded, it became evident that Emily’s journey encompasses more than just makeup artistry. Her commitment to empowering women, and her multifaceted talent in fashion styling, have made her a rising star on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where she has 32.9 thousand followers. So let’s not delay and get into the nitty gritty and how Emily has built her brand.

What was your main ambition in launching Pure Nava? I know you’ve been a makeup artist for some time, but I’ve watched you evolve and teach group classes. Do you see yourself continuing this?

Almost every single client I had would jump up out of the makeup chair, look at themselves in the mirror, and proceed to smile, ooze confidence, and make a joke like “Can you come here and do this every day?” We’d always have a laugh, but I really wanted them to genuinely be able to experience that every day (or whenever they like).

So I felt far more fulfilled, and my new “mission” became clear: to help women feel empowered to do their own makeup with confidence.

After running multiple group classes and private 1:1 lessons, I formed my framework that proved “everyday women” could get easy results without having to watch confusing tutorials on social media. While I felt more aligned with my calling, I had also dreamt of real freedom as a business owner instead of having to be somewhere at a certain time.

So once the pandemic hit and I couldn’t see clients, I decided to use this for good and go all-in on my dream. I transitioned the business to solely focus on makeup education for everyday women in the form of a pre-recorded course.

Yes, I absolutely have plans to continue this and build it into, God-willing, a large company. I’m not in a hurry to do this and will be, especially now as a first-time mum, going at a pace that feels right. I trust the Lord will be guiding me in this, and I know that the plans are set in stone and nothing can take from me if it’s His will, so I will be building this over time and growing a team to help me do it!

For now, what is manageable is one online course and bringing my traffic in via TikTok! That’s where I have found the most success, so I hone in on that one area.

So motherhood? Let’s talk about this blessing! How have you found adjusting to motherhood? Are you continuing with your business in terms of doing makeup, or teaching women to do their own makeup, or do you see yourself going in a new direction?

Sure, it is an amazing blessing! I love motherhood. Yes, it has also been a huge life adjustment! I feel like I’m in a “sweet spot” right now with him being 10 weeks old. He’s been sleeping long stretches overnight, and I’ve found my confidence in caring for a newborn. So that means not being sleep-deprived and not having a million tabs open in the brain, which has allowed more joy to flow into our days!

The adjustment isn’t just in terms of “the seen,” such as… but the “unseen”…

What do you love about running your own business, and how do you hope to inspire women in the future?

100% the part I love most is the freedom of choice. I choose where I want to work, which is usually my home office. I choose when to work and when to have time off. How much or how little to plan and put on my plate? I’ve always valued that so highly, even before marriage and having a family. When I was 19, I quit my job to be a self-employed makeup artist and was determined to make it that way.

I hope to inspire women, mostly, to believe they have a good plan written for their life, they’re full of potential, and therefore choose to show up each day and partake.

This leads me to what you asked above, “Do you see yourself going in a new direction?”

I plan on keeping with Pure Nava, but I see that as more of a “slow build” into something great. Right now, I do feel called to pour my focus into my personal brand, which I started 18 months ago. This is centred around wellness morning routines and getting ready for the day with the message that these are the tools to use to step into your potential and partake in the wonderful plan God has for your life. When I really understood this truth and started habits and routines aligned with who I want to be, my life transformed in such a positive way. I ceased the groaning feeling when I woke up and instead started getting up with purpose. I ceased thinking negatively and pondering on the misery of my problems as I went about my day and instead focused on the hope of my future, expecting good things.

I’ve been loving your recent videos where you’ve shown what it’s like in your day and showing up as the woman you want to be. What advice do you have for new mums who don’t want to lose themselves in the chaos?

Yes, I’m glad you enjoy them! I realised that becoming who you want to be doesn’t just happen one day by accident but happens by being intentional and is like building blocks each day to build “her.” These “blocks” are the activities in your day. Do you want to be a put-together and productive person? Maybe the activities you can add to your routine are putting together a matching outfit, wearing some gold earrings, putting your hair in a sleek bun, and doing a home workout while the dishwasher is running… You design what your morning looks like according to both who you want to be and what’s achievable/realistic for you.

This leads me to what this can look like as a mum. I can only give specific examples from my experience, of course; it will look different for every mum and her lifestyle and family dynamic. But I do believe that as mothers, we can still choose who we want to be and show up as her. This belief has been consistent for me, but how it looks is different.

I always thought before kids that I’d want to maintain the different elements that make me me. I know God has created me, everyone, with gifts, talents, desires, and a calling. Becoming a mum is the best one of them all but does not override and become the only thing, although it’s certainly demanding and consuming and therefore easy to get lost in that, but remember there are many different parts to you too.

My advice would be to number one, believe that. If you don’t believe it’s true or possible for you, then it won’t be. Simple as that.

Secondly, recognise what things make up you. I think often we see “gifts, talents, a calling” as thinking that means you can sing, dance, or run a million-dollar company, and if that’s not you, then you don’t have any, and you’re “just a mum.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your gift could be that you have a very generous heart, so I encourage you to seek ways to give. You are kind, so be kind and change those around you. Do you teach well? Teach and lead your home or those around you well. Whatever it may be, you do have gifts, talents, and a purpose, and I encourage you to identify these and recognise them so you don’t feel just stuck in mum life.

What dreams and aspirations do you have for the future?

Oh, many! I have always been a “daydreamer” and love talking about dreams and aspirations! My husband and I enjoy saying things like “can’t wait for XYZ if we get to do that in the future” and are deliberate about being hopeful and praying for the desires of our hearts. God can be so generous and grant us what we ask for if our heart is in the right place, so I never hesitate to dream big.

In saying this, I like to keep them close to my heart, especially ones that aren’t yet in fruition. But I will say I have always dreamt of running a large company one day with a team. That’s always been my dream since I was a teenager. My businesses are considered small now, but I hope they will continue to blossom as the years go on, and I will always strive to achieve this.

I also love all things interior design and beautiful spaces in homes, actually. It’s a bit random from my “niche,” but I would love to invest in beautiful Airbnb properties in different parts of the world. That’s a dream!

I like to have multiple different areas of interest in life and things to look forward to and dream about. It keeps us going, I reckon!

Do you think motherhood has changed your morning routines? Has it made you more time efficient?

Absolutely! Nothing can truly prepare you for your own motherhood journey, as each one is unique. While knowing this truth, I did expect some things like a lack of time, due to hearing others who had gone before me speak of this. However, even with the lack of time and the unpredictability of a morning with a newborn, there are certain things I have still stuck with because they are important to me. There has not been a day since my son was born that I haven’t showered, haven’t brushed my hair, and at least done something to my face. Because feeling fresh and ready to go is important to me, I can be a better mother than feeling crusty and grumpy.

So, some things I have still incorporated, but of course, with the lack of time and the demands of a newborn, there hasn’t been a set routine as such. As the weeks have gone on, it has become easier to prioritise these things, and I have started with what I call a “morning starter” instead of a routine. Starting the day the same way—getting up, washing my face, brushing my teeth while the baby is still waking up, then feeding, playing, making breakfast and coffee, doing a Bible reading, and then letting him nap—gives me a sense of routine, some me time, and a feeling of accomplishment.

Have you had any struggles with balancing your business with motherhood?

Yes and no. At first thought, I feel like saying yes, hugely! In the way that there is an extreme lack of time and, more so, uninterrupted time to actually get into a deep and productive workflow. However, on the other hand, no, because it’s not my season to be full-time with my business right now anyway. Therefore, I don’t think I can yet give a fair judgment on how the balance is. Any work I get done is considered a bonus for me right now, but my main priority is caring for my sweet Victor. Once he is around 3-6 months old, I plan on returning part-time with more set work days, once he naps more throughout the day and we establish more of a routine.

Something I do think of is a podcast I listened to by Jenna Kutcher, “Goal Digger.” She spoke about the balance of motherhood and business. She said that she would often feel guilty when she was working, thinking she should be with her little ones, and then guilty when she was with her children, thinking she should be building her business and neglecting it. What changed and made her feel more balanced was being 100% present with whatever “job” she was doing at the time and erasing the guilt. Then she felt she was doing it all well and balanced.

I think I’ll adopt this mindset because I know how I will feel if I work on my business and spend some time on it—I’ll feel fulfilled, which is great for both myself and my family.

Wow, thanks for the insight and inspiration Emily!

Keeping positive through life and instilling great routines are important in keeping us balanced.

If you love Emily’s philosophy in turning up and being the woman you want to be, love her style, and want confidence in doing your own makeup then I would encourage you to follow along on her website, TikTok and Instagram.

We wish you all the best with the newfound journey in motherhood and cannot wait to talk in the future to see where you’re at!






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