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The Personal Branding Stylist-Clare Chambers

In today’s highly competitive world, standing out and making a lasting impression has become crucial for personal and professional success. One individual who understands the power of personal branding and its impact on one’s journey to success is renowned Personal Brand Stylist, Clare Chambers, who I had the pleasure of interviewing. Having worked with A-list celebrities and transforming the personal brands of countless professionals, she shares valuable insights into her journey, approach, and tips to help individuals elevate their personal brands.

Clare began her career as a Fashion Assistant at British Magazine Glamour and soon rose to become a Fashion & Celebrity Stylist. Her turning point came when she had the privilege of working with Renée Zellweger, a global superstar best known for her lead part in Bridget Jone’s Diary. Clare says, “When I got the call to say I was going to be working with Renée, it was because she was promoting a new serious drama movie and wanted to shed herself of being attached to her Bridget Jones image. During my time with Renée, I got to learn what building a personal brand looks like from a global superstar perspective, because this is a woman who doesn’t think of her red-carpet style as getting on the best-dressed list, she sees her style as a strategy to represent the kind of acting roles she’s currently taking on. It was a while after working with Renée that I eventually bit the bullet and followed my dream of leaving the magazine & TV industry to set up my own personal styling business in London. Since starting my own personal styling business and as personal brands have overtaken C.Vs to stand out in the world of work, I have worked with over a thousand women’s wardrobes, creating and curating outfits that make them stand out and be seen.”

Unlike conventional personal stylists, Clare doesn’t merely pick clothes based on body types and existing wardrobes. She initiates the process by deeply understanding her client’s values, beliefs, business goals, and aspirations. By doing so, she helps map out a personalised look for their personal brand that goes beyond aesthetics. The outfits she curates not only look good but also reflect her clients’ stories and convey essential visual subliminal messages about them.

One of her favourite success stories revolves around a Spiritual Coach who wanted to shed her ‘woo woo’ image and attract more corporate clients. By adding bright colours, relaxed tailoring, and bolder silhouettes, Clare helped her project herself as a female leader. The results were astounding. In just five months, she hosted events for a luxury hotel and secured a roster of appearances at high-end wellness retreats. Her income tripled, proving that personal brand style can indeed become a powerful business calling card.

While staying current is essential, Clare emphasises that following fashion trends without considering one’s personal brand can be limiting. Instead, she focuses on looking present and being inspired by how other women put together outfits during her travels. This approach helps her create a timeless yet contemporary style for her clients that aligns with their personal brands.

The foundation of Clare’s process lies in the “5-Word Style Manifesto.” Clients sum up what they want their style to say about their values, personality, lifestyle, and business goals in five words. This manifesto becomes their daily reminder while getting dressed, ensuring that every outfit they choose aligns with their personal brand and serves them well.

Clare compares her work with that of a personal trainer, where pushing clients out of their comfort zones is essential for growth. While the initial changes might feel uncomfortable, clients quickly adjust as they see the new version of themselves reflected in the mirror. The positive responses they receive from others further boost their confidence and reinforce the power of their personal brand. She believes in using each day as a dress rehearsal for tomorrow and encourages clients to wrap themselves in outfits that remind them of the brand they are building. By aligning their physical appearance with their personal brand, individuals can change their self-perception, confidence, and drive to stand out and be seen both online and in their professional lives.

In an age where personal brands hold immense value, the role of a Personal Brand Stylist has never been more critical. Through her deep understanding of her client’s values and her timeless approach to style, Clare has become a beacon for those seeking to elevate their personal image. By realising that personal style goes far beyond fashion trends, individuals can create an authentic, lasting, and impactful personal brand that sets them apart in their personal and professional spheres.

To get started, you can download Clare’s ‘Free Personal Brand Style Starter Kit’ here. To work with Clare and achieve a standout image and personal brand overhaul, she can be reached through her Website Links and her Instagram. The best part is that Clare is available to consult with clients worldwide, not limited to Europe. In fact, she works with women around the world every day, helping them up their game and make their mark in their respective fields.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your personal brand, embrace your uniqueness, and make a powerful statement through your style, Clare, the Personal Brand Stylist, is the partner you need to guide you on this transformative journey. Step into your authenticity, make your mark, and watch the world take notice of the empowered and captivating brand that is uniquely yours.



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