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Twice Upon a Time: Where Dreams and Designer Handbags Converge

Picture this: a world where luxury meets affordability, where designer handbags aren’t just a dream for the elite, but a reality for all who seek them. Welcome to Twice Upon a Time, a magical haven created by the visionary Jacara Desland. Behind this enchanting brand, Jacara isn’t just an entrepreneur; she’s a dreamer, an adventurer, and a self-proclaimed Fairy Glam-mother with a penchant for making fashion dreams come true.

Have vintage pieces ever struck you with their beauty or have you ever been enamoured by the thrill of discovering designer treasures at jaw-dropping discounts? For Jacara, these feelings are more than just fleeting emotions they are at the heart of her heritage and passion. Her DNA was ingrained with her grandmother’s artistry, dressmaking, and styling skills, as well as her mother’s love for thrift store designer bargains, which set the stage for her journey into the world of affordable luxury.

With a keen eye for design honed by her experience as a graphic and interior designer, Jacara embraced her heritage and love for fashion. Her passion blossomed into Twice Upon a Time, a haven that brings joy to others through a curated selection of designer handbags and other luxury pieces. This venture wasn’t just a business move; it was a daring adventure that led her to leave her corporate gig behind and embark on a journey of empowerment.

At Twice Upon a Time, the magic lies in authenticity, accessibility, and delight. In a world where designer fashion can often feel out of reach, Jacara waves her wand and transforms the impossible into the possible. With prices starting from an incredible $199, customers can dive into a world of guaranteed authentic designer handbags from prestigious luxury brands like CHANEL, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, all at discounts of up to 80% off retail. It’s an invitation to the enchanting world of fashion where dreams of owning designer pieces become a reality.

What sets Twice Upon a Time apart is its unique approach. Unlike traditional consignment platforms, they own all their items outright, ensuring a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. Their unparalleled brand personality infuses every step of the journey with fun and excitement. From sourcing cherished treasures around the world to the thrill of delivering pre-loved treasures in beautifully branded dust bags and packaging, the joy is palpable. It’s a journey that’s about more than just bags—it’s about creating magical moments.

The curation process at Twice Upon a Time is a testament to Jacara’s commitment to quality and authenticity. Every item undergoes rigorous authentication through a state-of-the-art third-party solution, ensuring that only genuine designer treasures find their way to customers. Their dedication to authenticity is further highlighted by their partnership with Entrupy, a renowned authenticator offering highly advanced patented solutions. Every bag comes with a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity, instilling peace of mind and confidence in every purchase. Twice Upon A Time also offers a Luxury Authentication Service as a standalone service to people looking to have their own items authenticated. Jacara said, “This is proving really popular with people seeking to sell their own designer items, as it provides potential buyers with peace of mind. We offer this service from $45 per item, so it’s cost-effective and can help to sell your item privately, quickly and smoothly.”

Twice Upon a Time celebrates the imperfect perfection of pre-loved pieces. Scratches, blemishes, and discolourations are embraced as signs of a life well-lived, adding character and charm to each piece. This celebration of uniqueness resonates with customers who cherish the beauty of imperfection.

The heartwarming stories that emerge from Twice Upon a Time are a testament to the brand’s impact. From reuniting customers with cherished pieces from the past to enabling sentimental connections, Jacara creates moments of joy and nostalgia. Whether it’s a fairy tale ending, or the shared sentimentality of a vintage find, Twice Upon a Time isn’t just a marketplace—it’s a space where dreams, memories, and connections converge.

Amid growing concerns about sustainability, Twice Upon a Time stands as a champion of the circular fashion economy. The brand’s dedication to offering pre-loved pieces and its environmentally conscious packaging choices reflect its commitment to minimising their impact on the planet. As a testament to this commitment, Jacara went the extra mile by importing her beloved pink ‘Pixie’ van all the way from Japan. Pixie’s classification as a Japanese ‘Kei’ car, derived from “keijidōsha,” meaning ‘light automobile’, is renowned for its exceptional efficiency and economy. Pixie perfectly aligned with the values of sustainability and eco-friendliness that the brand promotes.

As Twice Upon a Time continues to enchant the world, their future is brimming with possibilities. The vision is to be one of the most affordable entry pathways into the world of designer fashion in Australia. Jacara’s commitment to offering remarkable savings and authentic treasures will remain at the forefront of its growth. Along with Jacara’s passion for fostering genuine connections and providing an exceptional customer experience, she will continue to guide the brand. Twice Upon a Time is dedicated to creating a haven where luxury, authenticity, and customer-centricity converge harmoniously by expanding its offerings and responding to customer desires.

In a world where dreams are often considered intangible, Twice Upon a Time offers the magic of turning those dreams into reality. With Jacara as the visionary guide, this brand is much more than a reseller—it’s a realm of dreams fulfilled and memories created, one designer handbag at a time.

So, whether you’re looking to adorn yourself with timeless elegance or embark on a journey towards sustainability, Twice Upon a Times Fairy Glam-mother Jacara is ready to make your fashion dreams come true. Visit their website and use the exclusive discount code HERWEEKLYEDIT5 to indulge in the magic of authentic, affordable designer handbags with 5% off your entire order. You’ll have to be quick though, as this code expires in 30 days!


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