Week 8

I’m running behind schedule, and that’s okay. Sometimes life happens, no one’s judging, just me, myself and I. Lying in bed on a Sunday morning with my little one is peaceful for once. She’s watching over my shoulder whilst wrapped up in her favourite blanket. Fighting the urge to nap, yet docile enough to let me type my blog for the week prior.

As she lies next to me I think about the joy of seeing her grow and take in the moment. It is not going to be all naps and cuddles forever. I forgot how those first two years can be draining and make you feel exhausted beyond repair. So this moment is needed.

It’s March, the first month of Autumn. The weather has cooled, the lack of upstairs air conditioning now doesn’t matter and I’m getting over the hump. The hump, where my resolutions go out the window. I’m committed to my blog, however not so much when it comes to my weekly goals of drawing and exercising. I hold myself accountable for this and know I can do better, will do better! We fought off some looming virus that got the better of me, we made it through a week of hectic driving, all our appointments got attended to and miss A had the most fun at a play date with her new friend. 

Weekly life updates are great and yes, they hold me accountable for success. Yet, I don’t think readers would find them interesting enough to stick around. 

It’s the nitty, gritty articles that hold value. That’s where the heart of my writing is. Sure, you want to know if I succeed or fail. You want to know if I cut through my goals. It’s not easy! There are no excuses when it doesn’t happen. I just know it’s because I’m not pushing myself enough. Some weeks you just don’t.

So as the year goes on my weekly updates will turn into monthly updates. No one needs to know what I ate for breakfast or which kid virus I caught. I’m going to keep blogging weekly as I am fully committed to writing. The articles will be family focussed, or topics of interest I find helpful to others or am passionate about. 

This brings me to this week’s article focus. Ever, since I was a little girl I’ve had a call to fight against injustice when it comes to pre-born babies. Recently I stumbled across a woman by the name of Dr Joanna Howe who is a professor of law. She is an advocate for human rights and the injustice of abortion when it comes to all babies but especially for law changes when it comes to babies born alive and left to die due to abortion. She sparked something inside me. Something I’ve always been passionate about. It is that lingering urge to know as human beings we can do better for our voiceless innocent human beings. This week I’m writing a submission to parliament. The submission will go to a committee, it will be read, and it will be counted towards wanting to change the laws around abortion and babies born alive. A baby born alive should always be given medical treatment. Whether it’s for that baby to be given life-saving treatment or for that baby to receive the end-of-life palliative care it deserves. No baby should be born and then left to die an inhumane death. So as I lay in bed next to my baby that I love so dearly I close on this. Life is a gift, one I will always value and cherish. For those who need a voice I will rise as I’m called beyond the challenge of my own life, I am called to be a voice for those who need it most.

Sarnia X

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