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Your House Buying Coach Natalie Brusnahan Storybook House

When purchasing a home, there are numerous hoops to jump through. First, you need to find a property that meets your prerequisites, and then there is the negotiation process. The process of getting into it can sometimes be more challenging and daunting, especially for first-home buyers or young families entering the market for the first time. This is where Natalie Brusnahan comes into the picture. She makes buying a home much easier for first-home buyers, singles and families. Natalie is not your typical real estate agent. Her sole focus as a buyer’s agent is on helping you find your dream property and guiding you through the challenging steps of purchasing without any bias. She works exclusively for you, her client, to ensure the best possible outcome of home ownership.

So, what motivated Natalie to enter the real estate market as a buyer’s agent? “My journey started around 18 months ago when my husband and I decided to sell all our belongings and move our young family from Adelaide to Cairns for a different lifestyle. The journey was quite interesting. We faced difficulties in buying a house due to the market conditions at the time, and we were faced with the prospect of spending weeks in an Airbnb without a place to call home. By some miracle, we managed to purchase a house that, on paper, seemed to meet all our prerequisites. However, when we arrived, we discovered that the renovations they had done were below sub-par, and we had to spend thousands of dollars to fix it. That experience ignited a fire within me because no one should have to endure what we went through. It was the moment we received the keys, walked in, realised what we had bought, and I sat on the empty room floor, crying. As time passed, I realised the significant impact I could have across the country by offering my experience as a home buying coach and buyer’s agent. This is what initiated my business, Storybook House.”

Unlike the typical real estate agent, Natalie Brusnahan operates Storybook House with a refreshing perspective. Her primary concern is working for her clients, especially those often overlooked in the market, such as first homebuyers, single women, and families. As a qualified buyer’s agent, Natalie possesses the knowledge and skills of a real estate agent, enabling her to navigate the market expertly, negotiate deals, and ensure compliance with legislation. From the initial brief to settlement, Storybook House covers every step of the home-buying journey. Her mission is to change the way first-home buyers and families buy a home as she believes no one should miss out and everyone should have affordable access to help for such a monumental event in their life.

Natalie’s expertise shines through when faced with challenging real estate transactions. One memorable instance involved a client who had experienced a difficult divorce and was seeking a place to retire and call her own. While the client had specific requirements, finding a suitable property within her price range seemed like a stretch. Despite setbacks and disappointments along the way, Natalie remained committed to finding the perfect home. Eventually, an opportunity arose, and the client secured an ideal property that met all her needs and desires. Natalie’s dedication and emotional support throughout the process made a lasting impact, leaving the client grateful and appreciative.

Understanding, emotional stability, people skills, and leadership are essential qualities for a successful buyer’s agent. Natalie embodies these qualities in her approach to helping families purchase their dream homes. She provides tremendous support, empowers her clients with knowledge, and communicates in simple and easy-to-understand language. Natalie’s personal experience in various real estate transactions allows her to empathise with her clients and understand the challenges they face. Her deep commitment to making a positive impact in the lower price bracket sets her apart as a compassionate and effective buyer’s agent.

Natalie recognises that every client is unique, and tailoring her approach to their specific needs and preferences is crucial. By delving into granular details, she determines the immediate and future requirements of her clients. Starting with must-have features, Natalie then considers desirable elements. Additionally, she sets realistic expectations with her clients, ensuring they understand the current market conditions and the potential challenges they may encounter.

The most fulfilling aspect of Natalie’s work is witnessing the joy and gratitude of her clients when they find their perfect property. The appreciation and heartfelt thanks she receives are overwhelming. Natalie takes pride in playing a significant role in her clients’ life journeys, particularly during challenging times. A memorable moment for Natalie was helping a client who had faced adversity secure their forever home. The emotional impact of these successes is something she cherishes and carries with her always.

To provide accurate and relevant advice, Natalie stays updated on the latest trends, market conditions, and legal regulations in the real estate industry. She maintains her real estate license and actively participates in continuous learning, ensuring her skills and knowledge remain current. Additionally, Natalie constantly engages with real estate agents and stays informed through weekly statistics on RP Data.

With her unique approach, commitment, and genuine care for her clients, Natalie Brusnahan is changing the narrative of home buying. Through Storybook House, she empowers clients to navigate the real estate market with confidence and offers personalised support at every step. Natalie’s vision for the future includes expanding her impact through programs like Chaos to Keys, where she aims to guide and support more individuals and families in realising their dream of homeownership. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, Natalie Brusnahan and Storybook House stand ready to transform the lives of homebuyers across the country.

The Homebuyers Success System for first home buyers, women and families, guides and supports you through the home-buying journey with exclusive 1:1 access to Natalie which will make even more impact across the country and help people like you get into a home faster or purchase an interstate property with ease. It’s the first of its kind and spots are limited.
If you are in need of  Natalie’s expertise she is offering a discount for all Her Weekly Edit readers. Please mention this when contacting her. Natalie is located in Cairns and can be contacted through her website. 



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