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“Unlocking the Secrets to a Flawless Fake Tan: The GlowDry Experience”

Meet Fiona, or as she likes to call herself, Fi – the queen of fake tanning, a busy mum, and the founder of GlowDry Australia.

Originally hailing from Dublin, Fi moved to sunny Western Australia a decade ago and quickly fell in love with the stunning beaches, lifestyle, and climate. However, her first few severe sunburns made it abundantly clear that her pale, freckled complexion was no match for the unforgiving Aussie sun!

“I’ve always adored the confidence boost that a sun-kissed glow provides. Who’s with me? I’ve been fake tanning since I was 17, but it wasn’t until I relocated that I fully committed to obtaining my glow solely from a bottle. And for over a decade now, I haven’t looked back!”

In fact, Fi’s passion for fake tanning eventually led her to establish a spray tanning business, where the inspiration for GlowDry was born. While her clients adored their weekly glow-ups, she noticed a common issue: the uncomfortable, sticky sensation that followed tanning, akin to starfishing in front of a fan while waiting for their tan to dry. Fake tan would end up everywhere – on sheets, clothing, upholstery, you name it. Fi knew there had to be a solution, and one sweltering summer’s day, she found it. “I had applied tan, my little boy was crying, and to cut a long story short, it was a bit of a mess. The idea of a fake tan setting powder struck me, and I immediately set about creating a luxurious, naturally derived formula that would allow you to get dressed and go about your day. No mess, no stress!”

“After countless sleepless nights and six months of product testing on my clients, I launched GlowDry in October 2018. Inspired by our iconic Australian beaches, beauties, and balmy weather, GlowDry’s talc-free, vegan-friendly formula instantly sets self-tans and spray tans with natural and organic powders, along with West Australian clay. It’s also infused with a subtle, summery scent and shimmering minerals to mask tan odors and provide the skin with a subtle glow.”

In addition to creating effective products, Fi is a staunch advocate for using high-quality, sustainable ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. “It’s an ongoing commitment as I expand the GlowDry range to bring you more fuss-free fake tanning products and accessories.”

You may have spotted GlowDry on the shelves of your local Priceline, and that’s all thanks to Fiona’s determination. “Yes, I got into Priceline on my own. I hustled hard on LinkedIn, researching and networking. I had been listening to Jamie Kern Lima’s book (on Audible) while mopping the floors. She spoke about how she kept receiving ‘no’s but persisted by emailing buyers with updates on awards, press features, and so on. I thought it was a good idea. I had already connected with a junior buyer there through LinkedIn messaging. I sent her samples, and she loved them, but the main buyer didn’t. After listening to the book, I decided to reach out to her again. So I did. She said, ‘We have a new buyer; send me your brand deck.’ I sent it, and within a week, I had a video meeting. The meeting went well, and I received the green light to launch three products in 158 stores. Now they are in all 447 stores. It was a hustle, and I’m very proud to say I accomplished it.”

As GlowDry celebrates its fifth anniversary this month, it’s been an exciting journey for Fiona. To endure and truly succeed in any business, especially in the relentless beauty industry, is no small feat. It’s a make-or-break situation. With her persistence and wonderfully bubbly personality, it’s impossible not to admire Fi and her ingenious solution to fake tanning conundrums.

If you’re a fake tan enthusiast like myself, you’ll definitely want to seize one of her bundles during the birthday sale ASAP. I’ve personally used most of the GlowDry products, and I must say I’ve been thoroughly impressed not only by Fi’s ingenious solution for avoiding that sticky tan feeling but also by the quality of the entire range.

The fake tanning mousse effortlessly glides on, leaving a streak-free and naturally bronzed look that lasts for a whole week. When it eventually fades, there’s no patchy orange tan in sight; it fades evenly, making it a breeze to exfoliate and prepare for your next week of tanning. I even put the tan and GlowDry powder to the ultimate test! I’ll admit, I ventured out for a date night wearing nothing but tan and GlowDry setting powder. Okay, okay, I did have clothes on; you wouldn’t catch me doing that otherwise. I had complete faith in Fi’s powder to transform me into a dry, sun-kissed goddess, and it didn’t disappoint, leaving me with a golden hue and no streaks or drips. Phew!

In between tans, I’ve continued to use the Glow Drops. Adding 3-5 drops of the serum to my moisturiser each day has significantly reduced my need for makeup, and I absolutely love that! Plus, it’s incredibly hydrating and has a delightful scent. Her Glow Drops are infused with:

Hyaluronic acid: A much loved moisture-binding molecule, hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring sugar that can hold 1000 times its weight in water. In our formula, you’ll find naturally derived HA for hydrated, plump and healthy-looking skin.

Aloe Vera: If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you’ll know how soothing aloe vera can be. Rich in vitamins with anti-inflammatory properties, it moisturises skin and reduces irritation, while fighting signs of ageing.

Kakadu Plum: The world’s richest source of brightening, collagen-boosting Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum is nature’s glow-to for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Lilly Pilly Extract: With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin-firming properties, this native plant is deeply nourishing. Protecting the skin from free radicals also helps to reduce signs of premature ageing.

The best part is that you can top your products up with Eco-refills, meaning you don’t need to throw away packaging after you’ve used all your products. It is so great to see a beauty brand that values sustainability and the environment.

I have converted, and I am sure you will too! To get your mitts on this range, you can go straight to the website or visit your local Priceline Pharmacy. You can follow GlowDry on Instagram for all the latest news, reviews and products launching soon!

Congratulations Fi and thanks for making this East Coast girly a GlowDry convert!






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