Biokos Skincare Giveaway

???? EXCITING GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! ???? Attention all skincare enthusiasts! ???? Here’s a golden opportunity to win and experience Biokos’ sensational Botu-Like range! ????????

We’re thrilled to offer one fortunate winner a luxurious skincare experience ???? Participating is a breeze, just follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Like the Instagram post and make sure to follow @biokosaustralia and @herweeklyedit for your chance to win.

2️⃣ Drop a comment on the post, telling us why you are the perfect candidate to try and review the transformative Botu-Like range. ????

3️⃣ Remember to tag a friend who deserves to revel in flawless skin, just like you! ????

Hurry! The giveaway will be running until 02/08/2023, and the draw is scheduled at 3.00 pm AWST and 6.00 pm AEST. Seize this moment to indulge in the ultimate skincare treat! ???????? Wishing the best of luck to all our skincare-loving followers!

Biokos’ Botu-Like range is ingeniously designed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin beautifully rejuvenated and revitalised. Experience the magic of being radiant and youthful with Biokos ????✨

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