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Bold, Beautiful, and Brisbane-Bound: Miss Lolo’s Journey Down Under

This week we welcome Tamzyn Adding and her family to Australia, not only are they making the move from New Zealand but the family is bringing across its renowned interiors business Miss Lolo. This is an exciting time for interior decorators looking for variation and unique designs for their bold and beautiful clientele.

When it comes to interior decorating, there’s no shortage of options out there. From minimalistic designs to cozy and rustic themes, there’s something to suit every taste. However, if you’re looking for a brand that refuses to blend in, that seeks to be the centre of attention and spark conversations, then Miss Lolo is the one for you. This bold and unapologetically loud brand is making waves in the interior decorating scene, and it’s now set to take Brisbane by storm.

The story of Miss Lolo began eight years ago when the company started out by restoring furniture. Over time, it underwent various transformations and changes in direction due to differing visions within the business. Eventually, Tamzyn Adding the founder decided to go back to her art roots and focus on designing a range of stunningly bold and vibrant wallpapers and fabrics. And that’s when Miss Lolo truly found its unique voice.

Having conquered the interior decorating market in New Zealand and beyond, the time was ripe for expansion. Australia beckoned, and after much contemplation, Tamzyn decided to make the move Down Under. The choices were Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Sydney felt too big, Melbourne too cold, so Brisbane won the vote, even though she hadn’t visited the city before. But upon exploring this vibrant city, Tamzyn and her family fell in love with its weather, growth, and energy, making it the perfect base for their new venture.

Miss Lolo’s designs aren’t for the faint of heart. They don’t shy away from being the focal point in any room. In fact, that’s precisely their aim – to be the conversation starter, the showstopper, and the unforgettable element in any space. Just like Marmite, a spread known for its polarising love-it-or-hate-it status, Miss Lolo intends to make a statement with its designs. And it’s this audacity that has earned the brand a devoted following.

As Miss Lolo expands to Brisbane, the brand is aware of the diverse tastes and preferences in the Australian market. While they won’t make any immediate changes to their signature style, they do recognise that certain designs may resonate differently with their new audience. Brisbane seems to lean towards colourful and tropical themes, and over time, the brand expects an organic shift in designs to better suit the local vibe. I asked Tamzyn if she planned to tailor a new range for the Australian market and she dropped hints. “I am working on a collaboration with a large Australian brand currently based in Sydney. That is due to launch within the next 8 weeks and will really push the brand into the Australian market very quickly. I love collaborations and would love the opportunity to work with more brands. Our designs aren’t limited to wallcoverings or fabrics and I see our designs being used in a range of different ways. I’d love to investigate how else Miss Lolo’s designs can be utilised.” Personally, I would love to see home decor, pillows, curtains, art prints and ceramics.

In a diverse city like Brisbane, Miss Lolo’s bold and colourful prints are expected to make a splash. Some will love the designs, while others might find them too audacious. But that’s the beauty of it – Miss Lolo is all about sparking reactions and being memorable. Already, the brand is gaining traction in the commercial sector, surpassing sales in the residential market compared to New Zealand.

Tamzyn plans to dominate the online space and social media platforms, prioritising a direct and personable connection with her customers. While there won’t be a physical studio for visits, the brand aims to be accessible, responsive, and interactive online.

As Miss Lolo enters the Brisbane interior decorating scene, it hopes to be a breath of fresh air, offering something bold, new, and exciting. With their unique bathroom wallpapers that stand out from the crowd, they anticipate generating significant interest from the get-go.

Of course, there will be challenges along the way, especially for a brand making its mark in a new city with no existing network. However, Tamzyn is confident that her open and honest approach will attract like-minded individuals and create a supportive community within Australia.

Looking into the future, Miss Lolo’s long-term goals include expanding further within Australia, targeting the commercial sector, fostering exciting collaborations, and eventually venturing into the US market.

As Miss Lolo brings its unapologetically bold and beautiful designs to Brisbane, the interior decorating landscape is set to undergo a vibrant transformation. Whether you’re drawn to the daring or appreciate a touch of audacity, Miss Lolo is sure to make a lasting impression on any space lucky enough to feature their stunning creations. So, embrace the boldness, and let Miss Lolo’s designs speak volumes in your home or business. Love them or hate them, one thing’s for certain – you won’t forget them.

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