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After wearing my faithful black and white one-piece swimsuit from Jets Swimwear for eight years, I have decided that it’s time for an upgrade. My trusty “cozie,” as the Aussies call it, has finally started showing signs of wear and tear. Therefore, it’s time to leave it at home and purchase a couple of replacements.

My Jet’s one-piece has outlasted all of my other swimsuits. It stretched with my body through pregnancy and bounced back after, and it has accompanied me to beautiful beaches in Bali and hot pools in New Zealand. It’s only now, after a few accidental dryer incidents, that it’s beginning to lose its shape. I am a firm believer in quality when it comes to high-end goods. I bought these swimmers as a newly single mum with low body confidence and a limited budget for clothing. I treated myself to their sale, and from that point on, I am convinced that paying more for quality clothing will always be the most cost-effective and sustainable way to move forward with my wardrobe. Not only were my swimmers high-end, but they also made me feel confident.

Jessika Allen and her husband bought and relaunched Jets Swimwear as a popular Australian swimwear label in 2001. In 2010, Jets Swimwear was sold to the PAS Group, an Australian fashion company that owns several other popular fashion brands. The PAS Group saw potential in the Jets Swimwear brand and wanted to expand its reach both within Australia and internationally.

Under the PAS Group’s ownership, Jets Swimwear continued to thrive, with the brand expanding into new markets and releasing new collections each season. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation remained at the forefront of its design philosophy, and Jets Swimwear continued to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading swimwear labels.

In 2018, Jets Swimwear was acquired by the Seafolly Group, another Australian swimwear company that had been established in 1975. The acquisition was viewed as a strategic move by Seafolly as it allowed the company to expand its range of swimwear offerings and tap into Jets Swimwear’s loyal customer base.

I hope that the Jets Swimwear brand has maintained its outstanding quality of fabrics and tailoring, as it’s what keeps customers loyal and returning.

While searching the internet, I discovered Monte & Lou, a swimwear label founded in 2018 by two Sydney-based friends, Kay Howitt and Lynne Tramonte. Their Australian boutique swimwear resort brand and what they offered impressed me. They have styles that I adore and find timeless, familiar, and feminine, and I need to explore their offerings further. Their philosophy is centred on making all women feel fabulous, which is appealing to me. The founders have worked with some big-name brands and have the expertise between them to shake up the swimwear industry. So much so that they secured a deal with the iconic department store David Jones, where their latest swim and resort wear collection is available.

So what will I buy? I’ll keep you posted and hopefully have a beautiful new swimsuit or two to brag about soon!

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